Coming Events --Trinity Presbyterian Church

Opportunities for Ministry & Service 

Saturday, March 8th, 2014 @ Trinity Church, Aledo:
1 - 7:30 AM - Men's Prayer/Book Study in the Pastor's study.  We are studyingThe Masculine Mandate by Richard Phillips. 
2 - 10:00 AM - Pastor's Class in the Pastor's study.

Sunday, March 9th, 2014 @ Trinity Church, Aledo:

(Remember to move your clocks ahead one hour before retiring Saturday evening!)

1 - 9:15 AM - Sunday School for children and Bible study for youth and adults.  Adult classes - "Philippians" led by Joel McCrory in the fellowship hall; "Isaiah" led by Troy Young in the pastor's study; and "Developing Christian Character" led by Norman Brown east end of the basement.
2 - 10:30 AM - Worship.  The sermon text is Judges 11:1-11, "An Unlikely Savior." 
Note - Susan Skoglund, Executive Director of Pregrancy Resources in the Quad Cities, will give a mission moment update this Sunday morning. 
3 - 11:45 AM - Fellowship/Refreshments.  Bring finger foods, snack proportion.  Drinks provided.  Kitchen Team:  Cherie Tracy, leader; T.J. Brand, Polley Duncan, Ann Meminger, Teresa & Gabriella Morse. 


Trinity Church family and friends,

A change for fellowship/refreshments after second Sunday of the month worship at Trinity Church begins this coming Sunday, March 9th.  You may have seen the article in the March Trinity Times Newsletters handed out this past Sunday morning.  

Below is the change as stated in this month's Trinity Times.  Hope to see you this Sunday!  Pastor Daren

"The ladies of the Women in the Church (WIC) have become aware that many in our church family have special dietary needs.  In order to be certain that enough food of various types is provided for both the snack time (second Sunday) and the potluck meal (fourth Sunday), we are asking everyone to bring whatever you are able to share.  If someone in your family has a certain dietary need, please bring something appropriate for them. 

Remember, the second Sunday fellowship is a snack time, not a full meal; what you bring should be finger food in an amount appropriate to snack servings.  For the potluck please bring food as you have in the past making certain that you bring a dish that all your family members can eat. 

We hope that everyone who attends Trinity Church will participate in these opportunities for getting to know one another better."



10:00 am Women's Book Study Is God Really in Control? (Fellowship Hall)


6:00 pm  - Jr./Sr. High Girls' Bible study at Joel & Carolyn McCrory's 

6:00 pm - Jr./Sr. High Boys' Bible Study at Hofmann's

6:45 pm -  Bible Study- "The Doctrines of Grace in John"

7:30 pm - Choir rehearsal (sanctuary)


6:15 AM - Men's Prayer (Pastor's Study)